“Today’s” Rant

I have something to confess. I watch the Today Show. Maybe it is because the Wife is downstairs first. Maybe because that is the channel we had the TV on before going to bed. Either way, we are a Today household.

Don’t judge me. I’m fragile when it comes to being judged.

So, now that that is off my chest, I can talk about what I find wrong with the Today Show.  First of all, let me start with a story from this morning…

Apparently, several years back, there was a nice enough looking young woman who fell in love with, what she thought, was a nice enough looking young man. Sure, he had a couple of interesting tattoos. OK, so what if his temper tends to spike every so often. So what if he confessed to her that he once killed another human being. Who cares if he…. wait. WHAT?!?!

That’s right. The dude killed someone else, told her about it, and she still married him, along with producing two children with him. A murderer. Now I know what you’re thinking, “what kind of murder was it?” It’s completely different if he stabbed someone with a prison shank, strangled someone in a back alley, or defended the honor of a helpless maiden with his ex-green beret training, right?

Yeah, I’ll give you that. But here’s the kicker…

After multiple years of marriage, abuse of her and the CHILDREN, this waste of space apparently killed again. This time, it was a woman.

So, finally, the ‘wife of the year’ decides to turn him in. She does, she testifies, and the poster boy for reasons not to wear camo pants goes to jail for life, without parole.

Good enough story, right? No.

The Today Show airs the story, and then proceeds to bring the woman on, with the kids, to talk about daddy’s abuse and violent past in a true heart to heart chat session with, oh yeah, several MILLION viewers. How are these kids supposed to deal with the fact that mommy has horrid taste in men, and daddy is a two time winner of the Hannibal Lecter Character Award? By talking out the issues with Matt Lauer? WTF?

I surely hope that the paycheck for appearing on a show like this is worth the emotional state of your children. Sheesh.

Or at least you should get a few swings at Kathy Lee Gifford during commercial breaks.

Speaking of which, what producer of the show does Kathy Lee have apparent blackmail material? This woman is about as useful as a sack of rusty, bent, nails while treading water lost at sea. She has never had the ability to STFU, let alone form a non annoying sentence. She comes on the show after what I call the ‘fluff hour,’ consisting of sixty minutes of how to apply makeup, decorate your home using tips from the d-bags at HGTV (that’s another post entirely), and ads for Shape Up Sneakers. She ‘assumes’ the persona of a snarky unpainted clown that apparently drank too much White Zin, and talks. And talks. And Talks.

Please, let’s all send in donations to pay her salary to go home and bug Frank instead of filling the airwaves with the audio and video equivalent of crotch crabs.

And don’t get me started on Anne Curry’s method of ‘being serious’…


Sorry, I’ll shut up.

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