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I guess this is a must for anybody come this time of year. Thinking back on the past 360 plus days, trying to calculate the highs and the lows, where things went well, and completely fell into the crapper, and hopefully learning from the experience.

So here it is. The trends to forget, and perhaps continue from my shallow observance.


1. YEAR IN BEER. Hoppy, IPA style beers. At what point did all of our pub offerings become a contest in bitter beer face? It seems that 2011 was the year of the hop, or at least the year when having a pint at the pub became a hair growing, unit measuring man contest. Enough already, we get it that the Northwest is fond of it’s beer heritage. It doesn’t mean that every time we enjoy, we don’t. Put some ambers on the list of your 75 tap offerings, please. You can laugh at me all you want behind my back. I just want something that doesn’t taste like the earwax from a homeless person.

2. YEAR IN MUSIC. What the F is dubstep? It sounds like an Irish curb stomp. I know, that just means that I’m old, right? Don’t get me wrong, I actually listen to some of the artists in the category, but do we really need another genre? Call it what it is, dance music. Plain and simple. Oh, and if you play one Adele’s Rolling in the Deep one more time, I’m going postal.

Have to say it, although you’ll likely call me old, the Foo Fighters produced the album of the year. Hands down. Buble actually made Christmas tolerable. Discovered Deadmau5. Adele actually is good, but thanks to radio, see above. REM-RIP. Pretty sure not much to say after that…

3. YEAR IN WINE. This is a good thing (didn’t want you thinking I was a grump). Bottles in and around the ten buck range that actually taste great. We are living in a great time. I guarantee that a person could spend every day trying a new wine from a reputable store and never get enough of greatness in this price range. Get to a knowledgeable wine shop, make a friend with the guy/girl who is in the know, and join a wine club in the 10-15 buck range. Trust me.

4. YEAR IN MOVIES/TV. 2011 will either be the year Netflix blew up, or screwed up. The decision to up the pricing and switch all of us around was made obviously by someone swimming in a pile of cash that looks like Scrooge. Dumbass. I have to admit that I didn’t get to too many good theater releases, outside of the super hero genre that I also have to admit that I’m getting a bit sick of. The best thing I’ve discovered, however, is that instant streaming has a GREAT back log of great TV seasons that I need to get rolling on. Breaking Bad is a great dark comedy series, and a slew of British series have been recommended (makes me sound like a hipster, doesn’t it?). I’ll keep paying you guys, for now.

On a personal note, Thor won the above mentioned  category. Green Lantern was last.  Although the wife would probably step over my dead body to say hi to Ryan Reynolds. Sure wish he’d have done the Deadpool flick instead.

In TV, thank God for The Walking Dead and Modern Family. Fresh stuff, and original ideas without the need for canned laughter.  Remember, canned laughter = not funny.

5. YEAR IN FOOD. 2011 is the year that the Food Network died in my heart. Formulaic, boring, and annoying hosts cooking food that would kill a horse. Paula Deen needs to pay for her crimes.

Coffee is doing good things (locally, that is). Roasters are putting out good stuff on a consistent basis, and the demons of white coffee and HUGE chains are not killing out the good guys. Buy from your local roaster and barista, just like the wine. On a related note, the drive through trend of having girls in underwear cracks me up. How good do you think that drink will be? Then again, pretty sure you don’t care, right?

Great locally oriented restaurants popping up all over this year. Love it. Focusing on nearby ingredients, and quality over quantity. I just wish I could afford it.

6. YEAR IN SPORT. Cycling? Kinda boring year. Soccer? Having a tough time worshiping a guy with the first name of Lionel.

7. YEAR IN GEEKDOM. Bravo Kindle Fire! I still want an iPad, though. Speaking of Apple, the most underrated item has to be the good ol’ iPod Nano, placed into the watch style band that doubles it as an actually pretty stylish watch. Until you get it wet, that is.

Podcasts, although I produce many, as you may know, have also come into their own. I applaud Marc Maron, Sam Zein, Chris Hardwick, and the sickos at EpicMealTime. Best stuff for a couple of laughs that I’ve found. Oh, and the funniest one out there, Superego, by far. Trust me. Great sketch meets improvisation, even though I’m a competitor.


There you have it. Let’s get on with the last year of our existence.



I know, shut up…

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