The Time HAS COME for solo sentences.

You guys. I say ‘you guys’ simply to fulfill my shallow sense of belonging.

You guys, I have come to a mild conclusion. If you have read this ‘blog’ over the past years, congratulations. Apparently. you have very little to do with your life, or you are obsessed with people that tyPE poorly.

Or you like short sentences. Like Trump…NOT GOOD!

Anyway, here’s the deal. I have a tendency to talk better than type. Or, I type like I talk.

If you listen to the podcast, you know the deal. But here’s the deal. Although I love cycling, and will forever talk about it, there is a LOT of other shit out there…

I don’t expect ANYONE to listen, but just like a blog, consider it a puke bucket of stupid opinions, observations, and jackass nerd references that I would otherwise never mention simply because my wife is sick of it, and I work at a high school that forbids swearing.

If you have found this blog-cast. Sorry.

Run away.

Like you were on fire.

No, seriously.

Still there? (Ferris Buhler reference, I know I spelled it wrong, I just don’t care to look it up)

OK then… Find the blogcast here or on iTunes.


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